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"CD Print Express did a terrific job on my wedding CD favor! I am so pleased with the quality of my CDs - photo image and sound... Their customer service was top-notch!"

Lauren Simmons


Use or Order Page as an online calculator.

Turnaround Time*

Complete Package

1-2 days

250-500 3-4 days
CD/DVD Services
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
CD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
DVD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 3-4 days
* Estimated time as of 1/15/2019

Free software

For CD and DVD printing orders under 500:

download our free CD/DVD creation software

Using other software, click here for specifications.

Visit our sister site:

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Software and template downloads

Easy to use software

CDPrintExpress has developed an easy-to-use software program for orders under 500. The program allows you to create a perfect master for CD printing in a few minutes. Creating your own master saves time and cost; we never charge a setup fee.

Click here for more information.

CD and DVD "disc" Templates

For disc printing under 500 do one of the following:
  • Create disc artwork using our easy-to-use software (see section above)
  • If you use other software, the specifications must be exactly:
    • 120mm X 120mm (12cm X 12cm)
    • 4.723 inches X 4.723 inches
    • 1417 pixels X 1417 pixels
    • Resolution of 300x300 or higher
    • Submitted image must be a square image
    • Do not knock out center hub (leave that clean center edge to us)
    • If exact color matching is important to you, please send us a color print of your artwork
    • Graphics format must be JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or BMP
For disc printing over 500:

Please do not use our easy-to-use software, as it's output is not compatible with the high volume printer. Please use one of the templates below:

CD Tin seal dimensions if you choose to use other software
  • 2 ½ inches x 2 ½ inches
  • Resolution 300 x 300
  • Graphics format must be JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or BMP
.psd = Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Some other paint programs can open this also.
.eps = Encapsulated Post Script. Preferred to be used in Adobe Illustrator. It should open up in any drawing program that supports .eps.
30 day demos for Photoshop and Illustrator are available on the Adobe web site.


CD and DVD "packaging" templates

.psd = Adobe Photoshop. Some other paint programs can open this also.
A 30 day demo for Photoshop is available on the Adobe web site.

CDPrintExpress can print professional full color inserts for your next project.