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"CD Print Express is a great resource for independent musicians like myself. ...A truly exceptional service."

Dan Ball


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250-500 3-4 days
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250-500 2-3 days
CD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
DVD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 3-4 days
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USB Pen Drive Copying and Custom Printing

Jump into this new way to distribute data and marketing information.

The USB Pen Drive goes by a few different names, like “Flash Pen”, “Jump Drive”, Mini USB Drive” or “Flash Drive”, depending on the manufacturer’s name. These devices vary in size and in memory capacity (32MB to 1GB), allowing for complete customization of your look and presentation*. The versatility and convenience of these pens leave the customer with a nice data or music storage device that will be used many times, even after the initial impact is passed.

Pre-recorded USB Pen Drives are fast becoming a popular method to distribute marketing and sales materials in a convenient and usable format. CDPrintExpress now offers color printing and copy services on pen drives, so you can take advantage of this new and useful media.

Imagine the convenience of taking a palm-sized device containing the memory of your computer hard drive with you wherever you go! You could store, transfer and update your files anytime on virtually any computer! Once plugged in, the device is recognized by any computer and treated as a removable disk. You are able to begin saving/transferring your business or personal data just like you do on your computer’s own hard drive. No physical drive or external power supply is needed.


CDPrintExpress can preload any information, presentation or publication onto individual drives to be used by your target audience. The USB drive is a powerful tool that will be used daily by your staff and clients in both their professional and personal lives. Complete with your company logo, a customized USB drive is a great idea for your next promotion.


CDPrintExpress can copy any quantity of pen drives you need to get the job done. You can put as much information on your pen drive as you like, up to the capacity of the drive.

Custom Printing:

Your drives can be customized with a single color print of your logo or contact information. Minimum quantity for printing is 100 units.


There are various packaging solutions available for these pen drives, from a simple lanyard that lets the user hang the pen around their neck, to customized boxes and blister packs. Call for more information on packaging options.

*Most pens distributed with advertising content have the smallest capacity - 32 or 64mb size.